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It's all in your walls.  Don't buy a nightmare on your street.


Every Property Tells A Story

Whether a property is over 100 years old or completed last week, they can all benefit from a thorough inspection. Steineke Property Inspections leaves nothing to chance when it comes to residential and commercial inspections. I am invested in the goals of each of my clients and work hard to make sure you are getting a home or commercial property that you are looking for. I am known for getting in, on, and under places that other inspectors shy away from or just can’t get to. These can be the areas where issues hide. You should be knowledgeable about all the issues ahead of time, be they big or small. I inspect every part of the property that we have access to. This includes the roof, attic, foundation, structure, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, exterior grading, doors, windows, decks, and hundreds of other checklist items to give you a complete picture of the property.

Portrait of Michael Steineke of Steineke Property Inspections


I am Michael Steineke.  I recently retired after 25 years in the fire service. Not wanting to slow down, I decided to pursue a career as a home inspector.  Having over 30 years experience as a licensed contractor, I can be an advocate for the prospective home buyers.   Recently, I have been doing a lot of repair work for realtors in preparation for close of escrow. 

In today's fast paced real estate market, it was brought to my attention that the lack of  licensed, knowledgeable home inspectors was causing delays in escrow closings and often caused the whole deal to fall through because of these setbacks.

This need in the real estate market and my expertise as a General Contractor prompted me to get licensed as a home inspector.


"A friend recommended Mike Steineke to do an inspection of a home I'm contemplating buying. Mike arrived when he said he would, explained what his inspection would entail, and that he would complete a report to advise me of his findings. Mike did a complete roof inspection, ran all the appliances and heating system. He crawled under the house to inspect for leaks and check all of the pipes. He identified a problem area under the master bathroom that needs to be repaired.  In all, Mike was there over 2 hours, and performed a comprehensive inspection, inside and outside.  I feel confident buying this house.  Thanks Mike!"

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